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Content Ideas and eCommerce Calendar for 2024: Engaging content for Beauty Brands

Beautiful girls creating social media content for beauty brands giving out content ideas for 2024

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the significance of captivating content strategies and meticulous eCommerce planning has never been more pronounced for beauty brands aiming to stand out amidst fierce competition.

In this blog, we'll delve into innovative content ideas and strategic eCommerce planning specifically tailored for beauty brands in 2024. From the latest trends to effective social media and engagement strategies, we'll explore how to curate compelling content and navigate the digital marketplace to foster growth and consumer connection.

The beauty industry is ever-evolving, driven by shifting consumer preferences, emerging technologies, and the perpetual quest for novel experiences. With this in mind, our focus is on equipping beauty brands with insightful strategies to flourish in this fast-paced, visually-driven landscape.

January 2024 Content Ideas

Jan 1 - New Years Day

  • New Year Goals for the business

  • Year In Review

  • Trailers and Announcement for New Product Launches

  • New Year, New Skin Care Routine

  • Yearly Skin Trends

Jan 2 - Science Fiction Day

  • Futuristic Skincare Technology Feature - highlight innovations in the beauty industry that is relevant to your products and service offering.

  • Sci-Fi Skin Care product recommendation (perfect for those selling make-up, create a sci-fi inspired make up look)

Jan 15 - Martin Luther King Jr Day

Target Market: Americans

  • Futuristic Skincare Technology Feature - highlight innovations in the beauty industry that is relevant to your products and service offering.

  • Sci-Fi Skin Care product recommendation (perfect for those selling make-up, create a sci-fi inspired make up look)

Jan 24 - National Compliment Day

  • Get your audiences to tag their friends and give them a compliment for a chance to win a giveaway or anything from you.

  • Employee or Customer Appreciation. Give your loyal customers and loveable employees a treat!

  • Add a Compliment Card to those who ordered from you on that day.

Jan 26 - National Spouse Day

  • Couple Skincare Routine

  • Couple Skincare Challenges

  • Share Love Stories while getting ready

  • Love and Skincare Tips

Jan 26 - Australia Day

Target Market: Australians

  • Australian Ingredient Spotlight

  • Australian Skincare routine (Beat that sun)

  • Australian Beauty Secrets

February 2024 Content Ideas

Feb 4 - Grammy Awards

Grammy Awards is a red carpet global music awards where the popular musicians around the globe gathers for this celebration.

  • Red Carpet Beauty Predictions

  • Get The Look Tutorials (Choose a celebrity in the red carpet and try to achieve the look using your products)

  • Live Reaction or Commentary on the event

  • Launch a Contest challenging followers to recreate their favourite Grammy Awards Beauty looks using your product.

Feb 10 - Chinese New Year

Target Market: East Asians and Southeast Asians

Year of the Wood Dragon

  • Red and Gold Beauty Themes

  • Year of the Wood Dragon looks

  • Fortune Cookie and Luck-themed promotions

Feb 11 - Super Bowl LVIII

  • Super Bowl Polls for Beauty - Example: Which team uses good skin care? Which team inspire the best make-up looks?

  • Super Bowl Prediction Games - Create Live Competitions as the Super Bowl is happening and give rewards to winners interacting.

Feb 14 - Valentine's Day

  • Self-love Skin Care Routines

  • Gift guides for your Girlfriend on V Day

  • Valentine's Day Make-up Looks

  • Couple's Skin Care Tips

  • Virtual Beauty Date Night - A Webinar where beauty experts provide tips on creating a romantic beauty look for Valentine's Day

Feb 20 - Love Your Pet Day

  • Feature Pet Friendly Skin Care Ingredients/Products

  • Self-Care with your Pet

  • Pet Adoption Support Campaign

  • Pet Giveaways or Content - Get your customers to send the most creative or most funny pet photo they have for a chance to win a Giveaway

Feb 27 - National Retro Day

  • Retro themed product photography and videos

  • Throwback Beauty Trends

  • Vintage Beauty Icons Tribute

  • Create a retro-inspired box filled with your products and host a giveaway

  • Flashback Beauty Products

March 2024 Content Ideas

Mar 8 - International Women's Day

  • Create a campaign promoting self-care as empowering for women.

  • Share stories from women who gained more confidence after using your products or let your audiences share their stories.

  • Promote diversity by featuring women of all skin colors, ages, ethnicities and skin issues.

Mar 10 - Mother's Day

Target Market: UK

  • Skin Care with Mom

  • Feature Mom-centric skin routines (pregnant mom, new moms, older skins)

  • Generational Beauty Stories

  • Gift Guides for Mom

  • Partner with Mom influencers

Mar 10 - Oscar Night

  • Red Carpet Beauty Predictions

  • Get The Look Tutorials

  • Movie inspired Looks

  • Awarded Movie Memes that relate to your target audience

  • Oscar Night Memes that relate to your target audience

Mar 17 - St. Patrick's Day

  • Green Beauty Products Showcase

  • Irish Beauty Secrets

  • DIY Green Face Masks then apply your product sometime in the process

  • Green and Irish themed Product Photography

Mar 20 - International Day of Happiness

  • Happy Skin, Happy Mind - Share the link between Mental Health and Skin Care

  • Share the happiest moments of your team

  • Create a video of someone using your products while saying gratitudes

Mar 24-31 - Easter (Holy Week)

  • Easter themed product photography & video

  • Easter Egg Hunt Giveaways (find this in the photo or our website or video)

  • Spring Make-up Looks (for those approaching Spring), Autumn Make-up Looks (for those approaching Autumn)

April 2024 Content Ideas

Apr 1 - April Fool's Day

  • Faux Product Launch

  • Prank Packaging or Labels

  • Create fun quizzes or polls asking your audience to vote on the most absurd ones or pick out the wrong one in the options.

Apr 10 - National Sibling Day

  • Skincare with your twin (Get twins in the video or photo for added interest)

  • Guess who is the eldest?

  • Beauty swap with sibling (Could be a skin care routine)

Apr 11 - National Pet Day

  • Encourage followers to share the most heartwarming moments with their pets and feature them on your accounts

  • Get your dog to do skincare routine

  • Get dogs to smell the scents of your skin care (cherry flavoured lip balm)

  • Giveaways for those who adopted a pet today!

Apr 12-19 - Coachella

  • Festival Looks

  • Festival Beauty Essentials

  • Behind the scenes (BTS) getting ready for festival

  • Coachella Skin Care Survival Guide

  • If you're attending Coachella, host a Coachella Beauty Meet-up

Apr 22 - Earth Day

  • Sustainable Skin Care Tips

  • Highlight Sustainable Products

  • Get your customers to bring back the packaging to get a discount

  • Set a goal for becoming more sustainable in the future

Apr 29 - International Dance Day

  • Get a dance influencer to dance while using your products

  • Skincare and make-up tips for Dancers

  • Dance inspired professional product video

May 2024 Content Ideas

All of May - Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Highlight the role of mindfulness in beauty routine, be present and showcase that this is a moment for self care.

  • Real stories of increased confidence and better mental health after getting over a skin issue

  • Create an Instagram Live about sharing mental health stories

May 12 - Mother's Day

Target Audience: US, Canada, Australia, Europe (except for UK), NZ, India, China, Japan, Philippines, South Africa

  • Share stories of how skincare tips have been passed on from moms to daughters

  • Highlight Celebrity Mom and Daughter

  • Gifts for moms

  • New moms giveaway

May 25 - National Wine Day

  • Using your products while drinking wine

  • Create drinking games related to skin care such as a trivia and who guesses it wrong will drink a wine. You can do this with your team or LIVE with some influencers of your brand

May 31 - National Smile Day

  • Who has the best smile challenge or competition

  • Make me smile challenge - go around asking people to tell you a joke and make you smile, for those that did, give a giveaway

June 2024 Content Ideas

All of June - Pride Month

Target Market: LGBTQ+

  • Rainbow inspired make-up looks

  • Collab with LGBTQ+ Influencers

  • Encourage Self-expression

Jun 7 - National Donut day

  • Doing skin care or make-up while eating a donut

  • DIY Donut Bath Bombs or scrubs

  • Donut-Flavored Lip Care

  • Doing make up while balancing a donut on your head, this could be a game between 2 people.

Jun 8 - Best Friend's Day

  • Tag your best friend for a giveaway

  • Make-up or Skin Care swap with your Best Friend

  • If your best friend's name is Karen, tag them for a giveaway

Jun 16 - Father's Day

  • Take a video of someone doing their dad's skincare or make-up

  • Gift Guides for Dads (If your products are suitable for men)

Jun 21 - National Selfie Day

  • Ask customers to share a selfie with your products

  • Selfie-ready skin care routine

  • Get Customers to do a series of selfies on their skin care routine from morning to night or selfies of them getting ready before and after the make-up is done

Jun 30 - End of Financial Year Sale (EOFY)

Target Market: Australians

  • Promote Sales for EOFY

  • Promote Discounted Bundles

  • Promote Clearance Sales

  • Create a video of where your tax returns go and feature the popular products in your store

July 2024 Content Ideas

Jul 4 - Independence Day

Target Market: Americans

  • Trivia History Games, you can make this skin care or beauty games such as who is the biggest skin care brand during the year 1776

  • Get your audiences to have a healthy debate and discussion around Independence Day (Just beware that people are going to be arguing as long as you mediate it properly, you should be fine. A good and healthy debate and discussion is healthy for a brand as long as you keep a neutral stand. If you're not comfortable adding politics in your brand, you have the choice to skip this one)

  • Host a UGC Content submission from. your audiences where they can submit a selfie or a video while using your product and the winner gets a 4th of July treat

Jul 5 - National Bikini Day

  • Sun protection tips

  • Bikini friendly make-up looks

  • Run a month-long Bikini ready beauty challenge where you can get your followers to share their progress in tanning or achieving a radiant bikini perfect skin

  • Go to the beach and pick whoever has the best bikini and get a Tiktok of them doing a challenge or a game or a Trivia and if they win, they get a price

  • Build a sand castle with your products on the top

  • Make your products look like they are wearing a bikini, you can hire a professional photographer or 3D Designer for this

Jul 7 - World Chocolate Day

  • If you are launching a chocolate flavoured product, then this is the perfect time to do it!

  • Give away chocolates to a random order today and film it as a reel or Tiktok

  • Guess the chocolate: Blindfold participants and let them guess the chocolate, if they win they get a freebie of your product or testers

  • Stick some tasks on chocolates, put them in a bowl, get your team of participants to pick a chocolate, they get to do a task. Tasks could be a weird skincare routine that they have do or trying to sell # of products out in the street. Whatever it is, be creative!

Jul 17 - World Emoji Day

  • Get your followers to comment 3 emojis that describe their jobs (or could be anything)

  • Randomly pick an emoji and get your creators to do a skincare routine while portraying the emoji and without breaking face. For example, if the emoji is crying, then need to be doing skincare while crying and the challenge is to not break character

  • Emoji your products: Feature your products with an emoji that represents it such as a water droplet for a moisturiser

  • Post a phot and get your followers to comment the best emoji for this photo

Jul 21 - National Ice Cream Day

  • Have a professional product photo of your products on ice cream

  • If you have an ice cream flavoured product, this is the perfect day to feature or launch it

  • Get your followers to answer a poll of their favourite ice cream flavour and turn this into a product

  • Include an ice cream gift voucher on orders shipped this day and film it

Jul 30 - International Day of Friendship

  • Ask your followers to film a video of their friends, this could be them shouting your brand name, the more creative they are, the more chances of winning a treat from you

  • Share heartwarming stories about friendship on your social media or your personal stories with your friends while doing skincare

  • Get your followers to do a shoutout for the friend they love on social media while using your products

August 2024 Content Ideas

Aug 8 - International Cat Day

  • Take a photo with your products and cats

  • Film a Tiktok video of your cat packing orders

  • Cat getting a spa treatment

  • Cat acting like an influencer video promoting your products

Aug 9 - Book Lovers Day

  • Curate book recommendations for skincare and beauty. Pair each book with a suggestion of a skin care routine while reading or winding down

  • How many pages can one read while the other is doing make-up or skincare challenge

  • Read a page or section in the book that is really touching and powerful while doing skincare

Aug 10 - National Lazy Day

  • Feature the lazy skin care routine, this could be the most basic and easy skin care routine

  • Lazy make-up routine

  • "No Make up" Make up Look

  • Capture a reel of you being lazy (laying on the couch or bed) and use a lazy day tip on top of it.

  • Behind the scenes Lazy Day at the office

Aug 19 - World Photography Day

  • Do a shoutout to your photographers

  • Create a competition to photographers to create a product photo of your products and you will pay the photos you want to use. If you choose the winner, you will work with them on a project.

  • Share before and after of your photoshoots

  • Send gifts to your photographer and film it

September 2024 Content Ideas

Sep 1 - Father's Day

Target Market: Australians

  • Dad's grooming guide feat. skincare routines and products for Dad

  • Behind The Scenes: Dad's Morning Routine

  • Father-Daughter/Son Skincare Challenge

  • Father's Day Gift Guide

Sep 2 - Labor Day

Target Market: Americans and Canadians

  • Gratitude posts for your employees

  • Highlight your team's contributions on a post

  • Get to know your team

  • Have a video asking all of your team members what their favorite self care routines or products

Sep 21-Oct 6 - Oktoberfest

Target Market: Americans and Canadians

  • Influencer dressed up in a german dress doing skin care or make-up (Getting ready for Oktoberfest)

  • Oktoberfest look ideas

  • get your team to cheers beers in big german beer glass

  • who can chug the beef faster game will win a product

Sep 29 - AFL Grand Final

Australian Football League

Target Market: Australians

  • Create a poll with the teams playing and get your followers to pick who they support

  • Create an Instagram live commentary while watching the game, make it interesting by wearing a mask, doing make-up or doing skincare

October 2024 Content Ideas

Oct 1 - International Coffee Day

  • If you have a coffee flavoured product, this is the perfect day to feature or launch one

  • Share fun facts about coffee and its benefits to the skin or your health

  • Interactive quizzes to test your followers knowledge about coffee

Oct 5 - World Teacher's Day

  • Create a Teacher's only promotion

  • Go to a school and do a giveaways for teachers while filming yourself

  • Buy 1 gift 1 promotions where when they purchase on your site, a gift will be sent to their teachers too.

  • Have a professional photoshoot with a teacher's make up look or with glowy skin

Oct 10 - World Mental Health Day

  • Share stories of personal transformations, this is best when done with a professional video so the emotions can come out really strong

  • Self-care challenges where you offer daily reminders for self-care and skincare

  • Educational content about the connection of mental health and beauty

Oct 31 - Halloween

  • Have a halloween themed professional product photos and videos

  • Go do a trick or treat around neighbourhood but instead of getting a treat, you're giving one (Products or freebies)

  • Host an online trick or treat where your followers will comment trick or treat for the chance to play in the game. You can either comment back with a trick and get them to tell you a scary story or treat where they get freebies or discounts. For those that did a trick, give them a big treat.

November 2024 Content Ideas

Nov 1 - World Vegan Day

  • Feature your vegan products

  • Vegan Ingredient Spotlight

  • Educational posts on vegan skincare

  • Vegan skin care kit or routine

  • Partner with a Vegan Influencer

Nov 5 - Melbourne Cup

Target Market: Australians

  • Get ready with me to go to Melbourne Cup

  • Skincare Prep for the races

  • Host a poll of which horse they are betting on

  • Go to Melbourne Cup and feature the best dressed in the event with a giveaway of your products

Nov 11 - Single's Day

Target Market: Australians

  • "Treat yourself" promotions

  • Create a blind date video where one will gift the other your products and go on a date. Follow their date, mic them up, done better when you hire a team of videographers. Then, ask them both how the date when, just like the TV show, First Dates.

  • Get people to tag their single friends for a secret discount code

Nov 19 - International Men's Day

  • Create a men's skincare guide

  • Collaborate with male influencers

  • Interview men to ask about their skincare challenges

  • Men's skincare myths debunked

  • Get ready with me male version

  • Discounts for male buyers on this day only

Nov 28 - Thanksgiving

Target Market: Americans

  • Launch a social media challenge where followers share what they are grateful for in their skincare routine or beauty regimen. Get them to tag your brand or use a hashtag

  • Thanksgiving gift guides

  • Give to charities your support

  • Shoutout your most engaged follower and say thank you or give them a treat

  • Showcase your gratitude filled testimonials

Nov 29 - Black Friday

  • This is your opportunity to launch huge promotions

  • Early Access Teasers

  • Add a gift with every order

  • Countdown videos

  • Behind the scenes of Black Friday Prep

  • Run a competition for a giveaway

  • Go around and ask the team in the office what their Black Friday Basket looks like, have them carry a black basket full of your products.

December 2024 Content Ideas

Dec 1-12 - 12 Days of Christmas

  • Launch a 12 Days of Christmas Campaign where you do giveaways for 12 days when they do an engagement challenge, this could be following you or commenting and tagging someone.

  • Interactive Polls and Surveys where they can vote on their favorite holiday treats, activities or traditions

  • Holiday gift ideas

Dec 2 - Cyber Monday

  • Countdown teasers

  • Host a Live Giveaway, whoever comments on your Instagram Live will have a chance to win. Get them to tag their friends too

  • Do a Christmas gift guide and emphasise why this day is the perfect day to do Christmas shopping because of the sales

Dec 14 - National Free Shipping Day

  • Put up a post that all orders on this day will be free shipping site wide

  • Put a Christmas gift guide with free shipping

  • A BTS video of you packing orders and loading them on the truck with a caption "free shipping"

Dec 24-25 - Christmas Eve and Day

  • Design a Christmas tree with your brands colors and make your products the Christmas ornaments

  • A video of you unpacking a Christmas gift with your products inside it

  • Video of Santa putting your products in stockings

Dec 26 - Boxing Day

Target Market: UK, Canada, Australians, South Africa, New Zealand

  • Video of you in a shopping trolley filled with your shopping bags, boxes and products.

  • Professional product photo of someone shopping your products in a store with a branded set-up

  • Feature stories of people exchanging gifts focusing on skincare and beauty related products

Dec 31 - New Year's Eve

  • Countdown to the New Year

  • Glitter inspired make-up look

  • Professional product photo or video with your products in glitter

  • Reflection of the Year

  • Say thank you to everyone who made an order this year and send them personalised emails or messages

If you happen to implement these ideas, tag us at @collabartsvideo for the chance to win a professional product photography or product video package!

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