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Capture the Temptation

In a world where visuals are king, our Product Videos aren't just about showcasing your products; they're about telling their story in captivating, seductive, and absolutely tantalizing ways.

Lights, camera, action!

Video Sizes: Infinite Possibilities

In today's multimedia landscape, one size definitely does not fit all. That's why we offer a range of video sizes to suit various mediums and platforms. Need one video in multiple sizes? Consider it done. We adapt to your needs, ensuring your products shine wherever they go.


distinct stylesensure yourproduct takescenter stage

Ready to elevate interest to the next level? Level 2 brings in special and visual effects, 3D, CGI that make your products soar and float. This calls for green screens and a dash of visual wizardry.

Level 2

Our base style, where we play with the dance of light and shadows. Minimal props are used, but maximum impact is guaranteed. We'll also throw in some camera movements to elevate your product's allure.

Level 1

  • Sometimes, products need real-life context. Our Lifestyle style transports your products to the heart of daily life.


    Whether it's the bathroom, bedroom, or workspace, we capture your products where they truly belong – in your customers' lives.


    These shots are usually taken on location for that authentic touch.

  • These styles are like the magical ingredients that determine how long it takes to whip up your product video.


    We've got this slick workload calculator that assigns each style a time value, and then we blend it all together to calculate your project's total value.

  • Mix and match styles for a single video? Absolutely! It's like creating your own style cocktail. 🍹🎥

    Just check off the styles you want on the inquiry form, and we'll whip up a custom concoction that's uniquely yours!

Enhance Videos

with Models, Actors and Voice Overs





A handful of the fab models we've got in our squad

Got any special requests for your model dream team? 

Guess what? We've got a whole army of models on our talent list, and we're tight with some awesome modelling agencies. That means you've got options!

D'hilla Beauty

Wow wow wow!!!!!!

This is amazing! Thank you for bringing my dreams to life. It’s been a pleasure working with you, can’t wait to be back!

Best Video Design 2023

Our video was featured in Design Rush as one of the best video designs in 2023!

Design Rush Feature

Here's the making of the video. We wrote about some of the behind the scenes of this video.

Read our Blog

Interested to have a video similar to this? Send in your inquiry and we'll get back to you with a proposal.

Create videos like this

For the purists, Texture Shots are the way to go. Showcase your product's textures with swatches that scream luxury and quality. It's minimalistic elegance at its best. Just send us a tub of your textures, and we'll work our magic.

Texture Shots

Patience pays off with Level 3. These productions take time for a reason – think water shots, mesmerizing fluids, dry ice intrigue, or a canvas of swirling paints. Slow-motion splashes and tactile textures make your product a mesmerizing spectacle.

Level 3

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