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Bold & Sassy Product Photography

Premium Photography

for Beauty Mavericks

Bold Visuals, Flawless Content

We're all about capturing those eye-popping, jaw-dropping shots that turn heads and ignite your brand's personality. If you're all in for vibrant colors and edgy visuals, you've just hit the photographer jackpot.


unique stylesto make yourproducts thetrue stars ofthe show.

Ready to turn up the visual drama? Level 2 brings special effects into the mix, giving your products a cinematic edge. Think floating, enchanting backgrounds, and captivating imagery that commands attention.

Level 2

We start with the basics – a play of light and shadows that enhances your product's allure. Minimal props, maximum impact.

Level 1

  • Sometimes, products need real-life context. Lifestyle style places your products in everyday scenarios where they truly belong – the bathroom, bedroom, or workspace. We can capture your products at home in your customers' lives. These shots are typically taken on location for an authentic touch.

  • Here's the 411: these styles are like time wizards. They decide how long your project's gonna take to cook up.


    We've got this nifty workload calculator that gives each style a time value, and then we throw it in the mix to calculate your project's total value.

  • Mixing and matching styles in one project? We've got you covered. That's why we tailor-make every quote to fit your unique vibe. When you hit us up with your deets on that fancy inquiry form, just tick off the styles you're craving, and we'll whip up a quote that's as custom as your playlist.

Add a Model

for That

Extra Wow

Flawless Faces, Striking Styles: That's Our Promise

Models are like the cherry on top, and the cost totally depends on their superstar status. They're your ticket to adding that extra touch of polish to your brand.





A handful of the fab models we've got in our squad

Got any special requests for your model dream team? 

Guess what? We've got a whole army of models on our talent list, and we're tight with some awesome modelling agencies. That means you've got options!

Niki and Ari

Catherine was highly professional as a photographer for our budding business, Niki & Ari. She guided the models with appropriate poses for our photoshoot and made them feel comfortable in her presence. The wait time for the edited pictures was also quick and efficient.
I would highly recommend Collabarts for others looking for a good quality photographer and would strongly consider her again if I were to conduct another photoshoot for our business!

If you're all about the details, Texture Shots are your jam. We capture your product's textures with swatches, showcasing luxury and quality. Just send us a sample of your textures, and we'll create images that speak volumes.

Texture Shots

Level 3 productions take time, but they're worth every moment. Picture water shots, mesmerizing liquids, dry ice mystique, or swirling paint. Slow-motion splashes and detailed texture shots make your product come alive in mesmerizing ways.

Level 3

This is the style you go to if you want your products shown in real-life situations.

It could be photographed where your products are usually used in your customer's life: bathroom, bedroom, work.


This is usually shot on location.


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