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Become a UGC Creator

Fancy turning your content creation dreams into a career? Guess what? This sign-up button is your golden ticket to making it happen!

What is UGC

UGC, aka User-generated Content

UGC is the art of everyday individuals producing content that features products, experiences, or ideas from various brands. It can include photos, videos, reviews, testimonials, social media posts, and more.

What makes UGC special is its authenticity. Creators, or users, are not professional influencers or celebrities. They're real people who genuinely use and appreciate the products or services they're showcasing.

Score some cash for your killer pics and vids! Get in on the action, sign up now, and we'll spill the tea on those sweet rates.

Paid Gig

Snag some pics and vids rockin' the products from our fab brand partners while you're living your best life, and spill the tea with an authentically honest review. No need for fancy gear, your trusty phone will do the trick!

Creating Content

No need to stress about flooding your social media feed. That's the magic of UGC. You won't be transforming into an influencer here, but if that's your vibe, we can chat about a separate deal down the line! 

No Posting Required

Get ready to dive into the world of beauty and lifestyle, because that's where we play! These are the cool brands we're currently vibing with. If you're all about that beauty and lifestyle game, well, my friend, this is your golden ticket!

Working with brands

Start Now

The juiciest part? You get to put your fave and the hottest beauty brands to the test for real. Beauty queen dreams, coming true!

Free Products

You snap pics and vids of you rockin' those products, and guess what? They'll be front and center on our brand's channels! Your spotlight moment is here!

Your content, their stage

Check out our creator community

Hold tight, champ! We're about to work our magic and give your application the once-over. As soon as it's approved (spoiler alert: it won't take long), you'll get a sweet notification in your inbox.

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