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Building Vibrant Communities, Not Just Followers!

Content-Driven Social Media Management & UGC

We've got a major crush on content, and we're all about building vibes that resonate with your squad.


We're not about throwing random followers or one-off sales your way, we're here to cultivate a ride-or-die community around your brand.


Trust us, once you've got a rock-solid tribe, everything else falls into place naturally.

Social Media 

We'll work our magic by managing your platforms, juicing up your posts for max reach and engagement, building a rockin' community, and making sure your online presence stays lit!

Pro Content

We're not just your run-of-the-mill photographers and videographers; we've got some legit TV experience under our belts, and we're slaying it in the digital marketing game. You won't find this level of awesomeness anywhere else – it's our secret sauce for taking your brand's aesthetics to a whole new level and dominating the market!


Pro content and authentic content are like the ultimate power couple your brand needs. They're the dynamic duo that gives your brand the personality it craves to connect with your customers on a whole 'nother level. Together, they're unstoppable!

authentic, organic growth

Our Social Media Management Service is all about that

UGC Creators Line-up

Explore our awesome roster of creators! You can exclusively access our creators through our social media packages.

How it works

We kick things off with a brainy strategy session. We're all about dissecting your brand, your crowd, and how we're going to make them swoon.

Month 1

In month two, we'll be creating the good stuff. Think killer visuals and stories that scream your brand's essence.

Month 2

By month three, we're ready to rock and roll. We'll be posting, engaging, and making your socials pop like a confetti cannon.

Month 3

Model Photography Collabarts_edited.jpg

Monthly Moves

Post those first steamy 3 months, we follow a slick monthly routine.

We start things off with a strategy. We're plotting the course for the month, aligning with your brand's swag.

Week 1 

Week two's all about creative chaos. We're snapping pics, designing, and cooking up content that'll blow minds.

Week 2

No compromises here. We're fine-tuning that content in the editing room until it's Insta-worthy and totally on-brand.

Week 3

We're scheduling your posts like clockwork, ensuring they hit your audience at just the right moment.

Week 4



Spark Starter

Perfect for when you're kickstarting your social media game and for small business owners.


Change currency



  • Strategic Planning - Includes hashtag research and strategy. Includes captions and content ideas, social media calendar.

  • Posting and scheduling

  • Engagement (comments)

  • UGC Content Creation with 8-12 Photo/Video Content custom to your needs.

  • Posting Stories

  • Monthly Debrief

  • Quarterly reports



Sensation Plus

Ideal for taking your social media game to the next level with some seriously glamorous shots!



Change currency




  • 5% Discounted

  • Strategic Planning - Includes hashtag research and strategy. Includes captions and content ideas, social media calendar.

  • Posting and scheduling

  • Engagement with inbox management

  • 5 premium product photos

  • UGC Content Creation with 9-14 Photo/Video Content custom to your needs

  • Posting Stories

  • Monthly Debrief

  • Quarterly reports


Social Star

Perfect for those moments when you're ready to kick your content game up several notches, leaving your competitors green with envy



Change currency




  • 10% Discounted

  • Strategic Planning - Includes hashtag research and strategy. Includes captions and content ideas, social media calendar.

  • Posting and scheduling

  • Engagement with inbox management

  • 10 premium product photos

  • 1 x 10 second premium product video (comes in 1 size)

  • UGC Content Creation with 10-16 Photo/Video Content custom to your needs

  • Posting Stories

  • Monthly Debrief

  • Quarterly reports

Ready to take your brand to the next level? It's your chance to boost your brand's reach with the help of influencers. Think of it as an investment in your brand's success. The spend varies depending on your campaign and the influencer you choose. Trust us, It's all about giving your brand the spotlight it deserves.

Influencer Deal

If you've got a specific vibe in mind for your UGC Content, we're totally down to hit the road and snag those perfect shots in some epic spots


You might just want to consider this add-on if you've got a certain...

  • house style in mind

  • craving for some poolside vibes

  • dreams of hitting the beach

  • mountains views as backdrops

UGC with a View:

Location and Travel

Find one that works for you

Choose your social media plan

  • You've got the power to cancel anytime after the first 3 months. These first months are crucial to work our social media magic and deliver results that'll make your jaw drop.


    Think of it as giving us a head start to cook up some seriously sizzling content and strategize your business. You won't want to bail once you see what we're cookin' up!

    When you sign up, you will be given a link to manage your subscription. This is where you can change your card details, change your subscription or cancel them.

  • Imagine it like this: UGC content brings that authentic, real-deal vibe to your brand, where everyday folks vouch for your products like they're spreading juicy secrets. It's the real talk you can't fake.

    On the flip side, professional content? Well, that's where you strut your stuff and flex your brand's big-league muscles. It's like stepping onto the red carpet, saying, 'Hey world, we mean business!' It's all about trust and superiority.

    But here's the real tea: they're a power couple, these two. You can't have one without the other!

    If it's all pro content and no UGC, your audience won't hear the real talk.

    And if you skip the pro stuff, they might wonder if you're just a tiny fish in a big pond.

    It's about balance, it's about showing off your authenticity while flaunting your professional side. So, let's make 'em both shine, 'cause that's how you slay the game and keep those customers keen to invest in your awesome products!

  • Fill out the form right here, and let's see if we're a match made in social media heaven! Once we've worked our matchmaking magic, we'll dish out the deets on when you can kickstart your subscription and even slide you the payment link. Let the fun begin!

  • No sweat! We're all about versatility here. We typically receive inquiries from the beauty realm, but hey, we're open to other enchanting possibilities too. So, when you decide to join our squad, we'll take you through a breezy application process. Our mission is to ensure we're a match made in heaven, and if we feel like we can't bring out the absolute best in your brand due to resource limitations, we'll decline it gracefully and kindly.


    No time wasted, promise!

  • If it does go viral, it won’t be too stressful!


    We will respond to everyone in the first 24 hours, then on the day it goes viral, continue our focus of engagement on the viral post, also pinning, speed hearting, and responding to most like comments!


    There is a limit of how much we can engage in, if we do too much we can get shadow banned which is a cooldown period to stop spamming. Shadow banning can last 10mins - 1 hour. It can even last up to 24hours or a week! So, there’s only so much we can do 😊 


    Regarding inbox messages, let’s say you’re full of messages from fans and potential customers! Yayy you!


    So how do we manage it? We’ll then need to discuss where your priorities are vs our recommendations.


    If you’re making sales from a viral post, it would be best to invest into us responding to your DM’s, increasing the time we spend on talking to your clients so you can keep the cash flow going!


    Anything complex, like lost orders, we’ll discuss a process on how we can send this over to your customer service team.

Bootylab by D

Collabarts is very professional. They were very creative with the project and delivered outstanding results very promptly. Their communication was on point - they kept me posted every step of the way, which I appreciated greatly! Very happy with the outcome and will definitely be back for more projects!

Models are like the cherry on top, and the cost totally depends on their superstar status. They're your ticket to adding that extra touch of polish to your brand.

Professional Models

We want to make your videos look their absolute best, which means tailoring each shot to fit your chosen medium size. This means, filming each shots separately for each sizes because they deserve their own meticulous attention. This is suitable for your professional videos. And as for UGC, it’s always going to be vertical.

Video Sizes

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