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2024 Content Creation Calendar: Stay Ahead as a Brand Content Creator

Feeling like you're always cramming with content creation when events are happening?

Follow this monthly guide on content creation so you are always AHEAD of your content!


👉🏼 Plan your February content (Valentines) so you can rest well on January.

👉🏼 Book a January shoot with your photographer/videographer

👉🏼 Plan “gift ideas for your girlfriend” campaign and list your products

👉🏼 Plan your Super Bowl content (For American brands or brands targeting the US market)


👉🏼 Plan your Easter campaign

👉🏼 Book your Easter photography shoot now or early February

👉🏼 Get quotes and set aside budgets for IWD, Black Friday, Christmas, EOFY campaigns

The earlier you plan, the better!

Yayy for being proactive!

👉🏼 Plan and shoot your April Fool’s Day campaign. Be creative, have some fun fake adverts or launch a fake product

👉🏼 Plan for Coachella campaigns (if it fits with your brand) People will be buying make up for this festival!


👉🏼 Plan and shoot for Mother’s Day (Coming up in May)

👉🏼 Plan and shoot for Father’s Day (in some countries, Father’s Day is in June)

👉🏼 Start planning and filming for summer campaigns! Perfect for those with sunscreen or sun protection products. (US and other countries)

MAY 2024

👉🏼 Plan and shoot for your EOFY campaigns (Australia)

👉🏼 Book your photographers and videographers at this time because when June hits, studios are busy!

👉🏼 Book your shoot now so you can get it deducted on tax for the EOFY.

JUNE 2024

👉🏼 Book your photographers and videographers for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Father’s Day (Australia) campaigns.

👉🏼 Put a deposit in so you can still claim that deposit back on tax before the end of the financial year.


👉🏼 Plan for Summer campaigns (Australia) perfect for those with sunscreen or sun protection products.

👉🏼 You should be shooting for Halloween campaigns by now! Or get ready for fall (pumpkin spiced latte) types of content.

👉🏼 If you’re an Australian brand, you should be preparing for Father’s Day campaigns by now.

👉🏼 You should be shooting for Summer campaigns by now (Australian brands)

👉🏼 You should be shooting for Black Friday campaigns by now.

The earlier you shoot and prepare your Black Friday campaigns, the easier it is for you to focus on the busy months coming.


👉🏼 You should be shooting for Christmas campaigns by now

By this time, your sales are going to start picking up so start pumping your ads now to get momentum!


Finally the busy season!!!

Focus on your campaigns, the ads you’re running and the boost in sales!

All your content should be ready by now and if not, you should be finalising them!


Even though you are busy, make sure you keep an eye out on opportunities to improve your content for next year.

List them down or email your content creators to let them ruminate on the idea.


So, you’re currently earning so much money due to sales.

Make sure you keep that money so you can set budgets on January

It’s a good month to start talking again to your creators or photographers/videographers about their availabilities for next year.

and then, REPEAT 🔁

Repeat this every year and you’ll never be behind with content!

If you need help in brainstorming content for next year, you can book a free brainstorming meeting with us!

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