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unique stylesto make yourproducts thetrue stars ofthe show.

Level 1

We start with the basics – a play of light and shadows that enhances your product's allure. Minimal props, maximum impact.

This is our base. For videos, we'll throw in some camera movements to elevate your product's allure.

Level 2

Ready to turn up the visual drama? Level 2 brings special effects into the mix, giving your products a cinematic edge. Think floating, enchanting backgrounds, and captivating imagery that commands attention.

For videos, Level 2 brings in special and visual effects, 3D, CGI that make your products soar and float. This calls for green screens and a dash of visual wizardry.

Level 3

Level 3 productions take time and they're worth every moment.


Picture water shots, mesmerizing liquids, dry ice mystique, or swirling paint. Slow-motion splashes and detailed texture shots make your product come alive in mesmerizing ways.

Texture Shots

If you're all about the details, Texture Shots are your jam. We capture your product's textures with swatches, showcasing luxury and quality. Just send us a tub of your textures, and we'll work our magic.

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Melbourne, Australia


Sometimes, products need real-life context. Lifestyle style places your products in everyday scenarios where they truly belong – the bathroom, bedroom, or workspace. We can capture your products at home in your customers' lives. These shots are typically taken on location for an authentic touch.

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