Hello, I’m Catherine and I run Collabarts where you can get all your creative content needs such as photography, videos and graphic design done in one place. We specialise at making your products look pretty and irresistible so your customers will have their shopping carts full of your products.

Having pretty content shouldn’t be the only way you market your business. It is a chemistry between beautiful content, giving value and a well designed marketing strategy. Collabarts collaborates with digital marketing agencies and social media agencies to make sure your content gives you the most value and the most return of investment. When you jump on board with us, we will make sure your content is in line with your marketing strategy and if you don’t have a marketing strategy, we can help you figure out a strategy that will work for your business.

There are different types of content that will talk to your customers according to where they are in your relationship. Selling your products to your customers is just like dating. You can’t obviously talk about having kids and marrying someone on your first date. Right? You have to make them interested first before asking them to buy. Otherwise, you’re just gonna push the away.

Our strategy is simple.

We will make sure your products look amazing, has a strong sex appeal and is very inviting so they can attract more customers. Once your customers are hooked, you will be giving them a lot of value through your informational videos or how-to videos and infographics. This will answer any questions they have in their mind that will help them in their buying decisions. And this is how you start building your customer relationship.

Team Members


Business Development Officer


Social Media Content Creator


Graphic Designer


Videographer and Photographer