Video Plans

If you need videos on a regular basis, we can help you ease your cost and save you time. Read below our plans designed to help your business.

Talk us through the kind of videos your need and we'll let you know how we can arrange that as a contract.

Let us know what you want to achieve with your video project and we can walk you through your best options to achieve your goals and make the most out of your investment.



Do you have 4 or more video projects in mind? You can get it cheaper with us if you pre-book your projects and use it up whenever you want. Terms and conditions apply.



This is perfect for marketing agencies or social media managers that needs heaps of content every month. Get them cheaper when you get a monthly plan with us. No lock-in contact. Cancel Anytime. Plus if you've already booked a one-time project with us and decided you want to upgrade to a plan, you get a discount on your first 3 months.



Are you a content creator? Stop spending your precious time editing your videos and let us handle all of it. With options to choose from and add-ons, you'll be saving your time and money. Talk to us about your style and we will make it happen.



Package Plan

This is perfect for you if you need consistent yet irregular video production. Use your pre-booked project anytime you need to.

Free Initial Consultation


4 Video Projects to use anytime.

  • Up to 1 minute long p/v

  • Up to 4 hrs filming time p/v

  • 2 free revisions p/v


6 Video Projects to use anytime.

  • Up to 1 minute long p/v

  • Up to 6hrs filming time p/v

  • Unlimited revisions

Monthly Plans


Perfect for starters, personal brands and small projects

  • 3 video projects p/m

  • Up to 1 minute long p/v

  • 2 free revisions p/v

  • 1 videographer

  • 1 camera

  • 1 editor


Perfect for small businesses, marketers and social media managers that manages 2-5 accounts at once.

  • 10 video projects p/m

  • Up to 1 minute long per videos

  • unlimited revisions

  • 1 videographer

  • 1-2 camera

  • 1 dedicated editor

Infinite Privilege

Perfect for enterprise business and marketing agencies that manages multiple accounts at once.

  • Custom number of video projects

  • Custom length p/v

  • unlimited revisions

  • 2 videographers

  • 1-3 camera

  • 1-2 dedicated editor

Starter $499/m AUD

for starters, vloggers, students and personal brands

5 orders + 2 revisions each

1.5 minutes limit per video

no captions included

Standard $899/m AUD

for content creators and small businesses

unlimited orders and revisions

Up to 15 minutes total duration per month

graphics and captions included

Premium $1599/m AUD

for marketing professionals and social media managers that manages multiple accounts

unlimited orders and revisions

Up to 30 minutes total duration per month

graphics and captions included

Executive &2799/m AUD

for enterprise businesses with multiple active video projects at once and needs 2 video editors for a quicker turn-around time

unlimited orders and revisions

Up to 60 minutes total duration per month

graphics and captions included

Editing Plans

Boost your creativity and content value with our add-ons

Creativity Boosts

Motion Graphics power-up

Power-up your content with animations by adding 2D basic motion graphics to your plan if you need explainer videos, educational videos, etc.

Photography Bonus

Add a photographer to go with your plan. Whether you need behind the scenes photos or just have photography projects alone, this is perfect for you.


Step-up your videos with an added drone service to your monthly video plan. Drones automatically make your videos look more appealing by providing an aerial perspective.

Extend my minutes

Need more minutes for your videos this month? Easy. Your 2 minute add-on can be shared between your projects for your current plan.

Extra projects

Exciting and busy month that you need to have more video content? Add 1 project for this month.

Account Manager


Need assistance to organise all your projects for you and keep you on track? Hire your account manager to have constant personal communication and someone to attend your marketing or business meetings. Your account manager will help you curate the best type of content for your business and how to achieve your marketing and business goals.

Content Boost