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Content Pillars For Your Beauty Brand Business

Content Pillars are the main messages or topics you want your followers to hear. When you determine your content pillars, it makes it easier for you to create content for your beauty brand because you use that as a guide on what to say, what to do and when to post it.

content pillars for social media posts

Benefits of Having Content Pillars

  • It helps you stay consistent and helps you avoid becoming a noise or just another clutter to your audience.

  • It keeps you in line with your goals and objectives.

  • It helps you determine the right content to post

  • It saves you time from thinking about what to post

How to determine your Content Pillars

Step in your customers shoes and ask these questions:

  • What do I want to hear from this skincare brand?

  • How do I want to feel when I see and watch the content from this brand?

  • What would make me want to consider this brand compared to other brands out there?

  • What benefits is this brand going to give me?

beauty brands content pillars

The 80/20 Principle

When figuring out your content pillars, have it in mind how much does your audience need to hear about this particular topic? Use the 80/20 Principle. By definition, it means that 80% of the results you get should come from 20% of your input.

In this case, we'll use the principle as:

80% Audience focused

Your content should be giving value to your audiences 80% of the time. This is when they are going to engage with you more and develop trust.

Value can mean: giving entertainment, educating audiences, inspiring and motivating audiences.

20% Commercial Posts

No one likes Ads when it is being pushed right down our throats all the time! But people love ads if it speaks to them. So limit the frequency of your ads.

This doesn't imply to paid advertising. This is just for your organic posts such as product photos or videos.

Remember, it doesn't have to be exactly 80% and 20% but the principle applies. Make audience focused content more than you make commercial posts.

Example Content Pillars

content pillar ideas for skin care products

Product Education

This is where you can talk about the benefits of your product. The ingredients and how it helps your customers. This is where you educate them about the product.

Remember that warm audiences are more likely to want to hear these type of content. Warm audiences are audiences that already knows you and have heard about you for a while.

Cold audiences, those who have never heard of you, might get annoyed when they get bombarded with these messages.

Use the 80/20 Principle we talked about and make this under the 20% of the content you post.

Beauty Trends and Tips

This is a very valuable tip for those who like to stay on trend. This is definitely something your followers will want to follow you for. Be creative and think of different ways to share Beauty Trends since everyone is doing this. Put your personality in and have a different twist to doing this. Make it your own.

Expert Advice and Q&A Questions

This helps you build authority in the industry plus it gives value to your audiences. It's like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone.

You can interview experts to share some insights about the product ingredients or the benefits of the products.

Commercial Content

This is where you would post any promotions happening in your business. Announce product launches, share product photos and product videos. share testimonials, show video tutorials and demos.

Company Culture Posts

This is to showcase your company culture and humanise your brand. People love to follow people so add some personality and show how much fun you are having while working.

This is where you post your behind the scenes, getting to know your team, share your brand story, what you stand for, which charities you support.

I would love to still keep this at 20% because this is basically just talking about yourself and people usually care about themselves more. But it helps to give them an opportunity to get to know you so they can feel like they are building a relationship with you.

skincare content pillar ideas for beauty brands to use on social media

Goal-oriented Content Pillars

The way I like to arrange my content pillars is by goals. I will then know that each content is published with a strategy and a direction. Not just posting content out of nowhere hoping it will lead me somewhere to only end up confusing my followers.

Here are some of the goals you can apply:

Advertising Posts

This one is self-explanatory. You want sales at the end of the day. So, you will put out Commercial Posts that will help you gain sales.

Value or Educational Posts

This is where you give value to your audiences, help them learn or discover something new and view you as a teacher, mentor or someone they're inspired of.

Entertaining & Engagement Posts

This is where you make your audiences feel happy, have fun and engage with your audience. This where your challenges come in or some funny content.

Entertaining & Engagement Posts

This is where you make your audiences feel happy, have fun and engage with your audience. This where your challenges come in or some funny content.

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