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6 Reasons Why You Should Use Video in Your B2C Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Many companies are seeing the benefits of going beyond the written word in their B2C marketing campaigns

Video marketing isn’t a new concept. In the past few years, you may have noticed the increasing number of beauty gurus, health and wellness experts, artists, and influencers promoting products and services using video - whether it’s in product listings, on their homepage, or via social media.

While B2B video marketing is well-established, and most companies are aware of the benefits, they may not be as well informed about the impactful benefits B2C video marketing can have on audiences worldwide. Wondering whether it's worth investing in video production for your next B2C campaign? Read on to discover a few reasons why it's worth your consideration.

B2C Video Marketing Can Say A Lot About Your Company

B2C communication can be challenging. It should be professional, focused, and engaging. When working with specialists in video marketing, like Collabarts, you can turn complex business ideas into alluring and intriguing content. A short video can sum up your company offerings, ethos, and can be carefully branded to suit your businesses’ values. Working alongside high-quality video specialists can take a product from average sales to viral overnight. Investing in showing your product’s functions are a sure way to pique more interest

Engage Busy Decision Makers

Consumers making decisions are often bombarded with a myriad of products with the same functionality. Thankfully, video marketing can offer a unique advantage to show buyers why your product rises above the rest! Video is significantly shorter and snappier than mundane blocks of text, making decision-makers capable of retaining the important information, quicker.

Showcase The Highlights Of Your Business

Give your service or product the personality it deserves. From the physical product to the friendly people behind it, consumers want to see what they purchase in action and who they are buying it from. Working with a professional video production company with experience in B2C video marketing can work to your benefit to bring your business to life. A high-quality video that showcases the best of your business or product has to offer can leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

Most B2C Transactions Are Now Remote

In the digital age, getting a product or service in front of a potential buyer’s eyes is now easier than ever. With the use of high-quality video, consumers can be captivated by a new product within the first few seconds of playback. By incorporating video into your advertisements, you are giving consumers the chance to see how the product or service will benefit their life without ever having to leave the house. With a click of a button, an order can be placed from the video to their home without ever leaving the couch from anywhere in the world!

Video Is A Cost-Effective Medium

Invest in your product or service and it will bring the traffic you desire. When it comes to creating B2C campaigns, you’ll want to make the most out of every cent, and you may be worried that video production will take a big chunk out of your budget. To popular disbelief, video can actually be cost-effective, even while working with a professional video production company. Inquire about a quote before assuming it is out of your budget. Video may just be the bump your product needs to thrive.

It Can Keep People On Your Page For Longer

Capture your website visitors with a moving, visual display. Visitors confronted by blocks of text may scroll through content without absorbing information – or worse – they might just click the back button. Video can have a magnetising effect as visitors are curious to watch the video. Higher quality content attracts viewers to stay on your page for longer.

Think your B2C campaigns could benefit from the addition of video content? Collabarts makes the process easy. Visit our contact page to get started today!

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