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Get ahead with content creation in 2024!

Do you find yourself running out of content? You feel like your content is all over the place? You don't have a lot of time to create so many content that social media platforms need? You find it hard to stay consistent?

Well, you've landed on the right eBook! This is going to give you A LOT of content ideas for your skincare or beauty brand!

what's inside?

You will get a 2024 eCommerce Calendar filled with exciting events all around the world PLUS exciting content ideas that include challenges, games, Tiktok videos, Instagram Reels Ideas, feed post ideas, competitions, out of the box promotions and many more! 


You will gain the skills to organize your content effectively, ensuring it resonates with your followers and aligns seamlessly with your brand. PLUS you will discover time management strategies so content creation will not take up a lot of your time!


Get ahead with the upcoming trends in 2024 with the rise of new tech and social platform updates. Learn basic skills in product photography and product video so you can do it yourself.


Wow, what a steal for the price! The content ideas here are seriously creative and thinking outside the box! Can't wait to give them a shot next year!

Olivia Thompson

I'm from Australia selling to US and the opportunities I missed due to my lack of knowledge about these US events is mind-boggling! This eBook has been a total lifesaver!

Sophia Reynolds

Who would've thought managing content could be so easy? I used to hate content creation because I was clueless about what to do or say. This guide made it so much easier!

Jackson Patel

Discounted until the end of December!

Price is in USD.




  • Most of the ideas are for skincare and beauty brands but you can definitely make a version of the idea using your products. It can be applicable for different eCommerce products as well.

    The Content Pillars are definitely for everyone! As well as some tips for product photography and videos.

  • It is a downloadable PDF that you can access via desktop or phone.

  • The eBook is for personal use only and is protected by copyright. Sharing, distributing, or reproducing the content without authorization is not permitted. However, you can refer others to our website to purchase their own copy.

Hey! I'm Catherine and I am a professional product photographer and videographer.


I have worked with a lot of skincare and beauty brands across US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand and I noticed the same problem with almost all brands, keeping up with content creation!

I totally get it! Content creation can be stressful! I know that because I do it everyday! But it doesn't have to be like that!

Once you figure out the right process, it will be easier PLUS these ideas in this eBook will never let you run out of content ever again!

Buy this now and use it for the whole year!

About Me

Get 20% Off until end of December

Limited time discount!

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