for Product and Service-based businesses

Increase your sales by upscaling the quality of your product photos. We can give you interesting, dynamic and professional photos that your customers will buy.

Types of photography

5 ways to build trust with your customers through your photos

We have compiled a cheat sheet for you so you can figure out the best type of photography for your business. All businesses have different needs and tailoring your photography style to your business and target market will help you gain more returns from your marketing spend. Download the PDF to read more about this.

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Product Still Life Photography

This is perfect for e-commerce or product-based businesses. The best way to build trust with your customers is having professional photos of your products shown on your website and instagram.

Action and Interaction photos

This is perfect for service-based businesses where you can show your customers how you work on site. Having professional photos with your staff and people smiling on your website will help ignite positive feelings from your audiences which will then lead to trust and sales.

How it works


We will take time to get to know your brand, goals and needs. We will then develop concepts unique to your brand. Mood boards will be approved prior to production so you know what to expect.


We will take your product to the studio or we travel to your place of business and capture your photos. Everything involved in this process should already been organised and approved during pre-prod.


This is where the magic happens! We are artists by heart and photography is like painting through a camera and photoshop. We add a bit of razzle-dazzle to your photos unique for your brand.

Recent works

We try our best to update our website with our recent projects. If you would like to keep up to date with us on our current projects, follow us on socials @collabartsvideo

We post behind the scenes and tips & tricks for your business branding and creative needs.

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Our price list consist of packages.

Contact us if you have a specific project in mind that doesn't fit in our price list.

We also do custom quoting and we have a calculator designed to tailor your specific needs. You'll have your quote within 10 minutes after receiving your brief.

Fill out this creative brief and we will get back to you with a custom quote.

Collabarts is very professional. They were very creative with the project and delivered outstanding results very promptly. Their communication was on point - they kept me posted every step of the way, which I appreciated greatly! Very happy with the outcome and will definitely be back for more projects!

Booty Lab by D

Quotation mark

Collabarts is exceptionally professional highly skilled and competent. Time was no issue and their intricate focus on detail was next to none. They were very friendly, engaging people, very eager to work with in a timely effective manner with no urgency to rush but just succeed in using their creativity to create the content. I would highly recommend Collabarts for their core competency and their work ethic which is next to none. Exceptional professional and highly skilled professionals who puts the customer at the heart of her business. Heartfelt gratitude.

Infuse Artistry

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It’s been a delight to work with Collabarts. they are very organised in managing shoots, delivers the product on time as promised, manages expectations well and over delivers on quality! I’m very happy with our video and photos and they are worth every penny! Thank you so much.

Peter Hector