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Elevate Your Brand with Stunning Product Photography & Video

Picture Perfect Beauty

Unleash the Power of Eye-catching Product Visuals & Content Creation

Glam Up Your Brand

Premium Visuals & Content to Fuel Your Beauty Empire

From Products to Paparazzi

Dazzling Visuals & Flawless Content Creation for Beauty Brands

Ready, Set, Slay

Content That SpeaksBeauty Fluently


Commercial Video

Social Media and UGC Content


you are a beauty or lifestyle brand


you adore eye-catching imagery


you champion bold colors


you crave vibrant, playful visuals


you embrace bold, youthful aesthetics


you favor dynamic product shots


you value creative freedom

  • To request a quote, please complete our inquiry form here. It only takes approximately 7 minutes to complete. Your detailed responses will help us in providing you with an accurate quote. If you have any project briefs or inspo pics readily available, we encourage you to gather and upload them on the form.

    Once you finished filling out the form, we will email you the price guide right away. In a few days, you'll get a visual proposal with a custom quote, all tailored to your needs. We're here for you every step of the way!

  • We'll kickstart the action by requesting a 50% to 60% deposit to lock in your project. Once that's sorted, expect a friendly welcome email from us, laying out all the steps we'll be taking to bring your project to life.


    This is where we get the ball rolling by working on your mood boards, storyboards, and hammering out all the nitty-gritty project details like props, locations, and casting if you're in need of models or talent. You've got the freedom to review and tweak the plan to ensure our visions are totally in sync.


    At this exciting stage, we're all about lights, camera, action! We roll the cameras, capture the shots, and bring that carefully planned content to life. Rest assured, if any tweaks or changes crop up during the shoot, we'll keep you in the loop. Your vision, our mission!


    Now it's time to work our magic in the editing room. We'll be finessing your photos and videos during this stage. Don't worry; we'll drop you a note when we hit this phase in the process.


    Once your precious photos and videos are polished to perfection, we'll slide that final invoice your way. Once it's settled, we'll hand over the golden keys – the links to access your fabulous assets.


    And here's the cherry on top: You've got three rounds of unlimited revisions for all our projects. But hey, if you're one of our monthly clients, you're in the unlimited rounds of revisions club. Let's make sure everything's absolutely spot-on!

  • Your Product

    Your product is the hero of the story, if we have a fabulous leading star, our storytelling game goes from zero to a million in a heartbeat. 

    Send us your absolute stunners – those products that are pristine, scratch-free, boasting impeccable labels, and wrapped up in the cleanest packaging you've got. Trust us, it's a game-changer for your photos. Let's make those visuals pop!


    This relationship is a two-way street. We're in this collaboration game and communication is the secret cheat code. And if you sprinkle some kindness our way, you're unlocking primo service and top-notch treatment!


    Dreams come in all sizes, and we're here to help you make the most of your budget. The bigger the investment, the more we can flex our creative muscles and make your dreams shine. We're all about going the extra mile, and we'll work tirelessly to achieve your vision within your current budget. So whether your dreams are big or modest, we've got your back!

    Our Skills and Passion

    Because we're head over heels for what we do, we're on this never-ending journey of learning, levelling up, and serving major skills with a side of improvement every single time. 


    While we aim to master a wide range of styles, we can't claim to conquer the entire universe of creative styles. This is where you come in, helping us by sharing a clear brief and references, especially if you have a specific style in mind. It's like finding the perfect puzzle piece.


    If we're not absolutely sure we can make your dream photos a reality, we'll gladly introduce you to talented folks from our network who can. It's all about finding the perfect match!


    Creativity isn't something you can whip up in a microwave; it needs time to simmer and marinate. If you're in a hurry, we might not be your speed right now. Come back when you've got a little more time to savor the artistry. 


    Ensure you carve out a minimum of two months ahead of your deadline or launch date.

What Clients Say...

Catherine was highly professional as a photographer for our budding business, Niki & Ari. She guided the models with appropriate poses for our photoshoot and made them feel comfortable in her presence. The wait time for the edited pictures was also quick and efficient. I would highly recommend Collabarts for others looking for a good quality photographer and would strongly consider her again if I were to conduct another photoshoot for our business!

Niki and Ari Activewear

Catherine is an absolute gem! Her work is AMAZING. She is very very creative and a great communicator. We can't wait to work with her again. for kids

Collabarts is very professional. They were very creative with the project and delivered outstanding results very promptly. Their communication was on point - they kept me posted every step of the way, which I appreciated greatly! Very happy with the outcome and will definitely be back for more projects!

Bootylab by D

The magic behind the scenes

We're pulling back the curtain to reveal our juicy behind-the-scenes action! We're giving you an all-access backstage pass to see what goes on behind the curtain. Join us on social media for an insider's look at what happens when the camera starts rolling.

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Brands we've worked with

skin juice logo client of collabarts
bbox for kids logo client of collabarts
Liquilinks logo client of collabarts
baxterblue logo client of collabarts
dhilla beauty logo client of collabarts
The confectionist logo client of collabarts

Countries we've served


product photography in America


Product photography in Australia


Product photography in Canada


Video producer in Australia

Why go pro with your content?

It's all about that first impression! Your customers need to see you strutting your stuff like a boss, and that's how trust is born. 🌟

Think about it: if you're not willing to splash some cash on top-notch content, why should your customers break out their wallets for your products? 💰🤷‍♀️

It's time to level up and show 'em you mean business! 💼✨

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